All students are expected to be able to communicate in English at a B2 (upper intermediate level), no previous knowledge of business is assumed and all related terminology and concepts will be explained. Students should be motivated and prepared to do significant amounts of homework, since this is not a traditional course but rather a workshop at the end of which students will have mastered the core concepts of business and management and gained the skills necessary to discuss them in written and oral form in English.

- Mission and Vision (1st session)

- Core Values (2nd session)
- Overall Strategy (3rd session)
- Staffing and Human Resources (4th session)
- Marketing and advertising (5th and 6th sessions)
- Accounting and Finance (7th session)
- Student Presentations (8th session)

Месяц: июнь
Расписание: понедельник и четверг 19:30
Количество занятий: 8
Стоимость курса: 4500 р.
Начало: 4 июня
Преподаватель: Mehran Janghorbani